Artist of the month: Nadia Strelkina

Nadia Strelkina

Nadia Strelkina

Art Licensing Newsletter – July 2013

This month’s newsletter features new additions to Andy McKay’s cartoon humour line and SHU’s cute animal designs.

New Artist


Andy McKay, aka NAF, produces some of the funniest and freshest cartoons around. Andy started his career working for magazines, before moving on to greeting card companies and renowned illustration houses. His collection features a variety of subjects such as relationships, family, work, and even Facebook. With a large collection of images, NAF is perfect for calendars and gifts and retail card ranges.

Please click here to view NAF’s portfolio



Japanese digital graphic artist, SHU, worked as a graphic artist for an entertainment software company before opening his own graphic art studio. SHU offers a very unique style of images mixing fairy tales and beautiful settings with elements of sci-fi. His range of cute animal art is perfect for stationery, calendars and giftware.

Please click here to view SHU’s portfolio.

MGL Artist Portfolio: Jacek Jerka

Born in to an artistic family, Polish painter Jacek Yerka combines technical accuracy with surrealist subjects ranging from odd-beasts to whimsical landscapes and architecture. His intriguing work has been exhibited in many countries around the world, and also captured the attention of Hollywood producer Rene Daalder who commissioned Jacek to design the monster-machines and surreal landscapes for the sci-fi film ‘Strawberry Fields’. These surreal subjects are perfect for jigsaws, calendars, greeting cards and wall art.

Click here to view Jacek’s full image collection. 


Art Licensing Newsletter – January 2013

This month’s newsletter features information on our upcoming trade show attendance, new artist Melanie Delon, new images from Greg Cuddiford and Simon Kayne, and the latest Valentina Ramos product concepts.

Trade Shows

MGL would like to wish you all a Happy New Year!

Over the next couple of months we will be attending the following Trade Shows:

BRITISH TOY FAIR – London – 22nd-24th January

PAPERWORLD – Frankfurt – 27th-29th January

SPRINGFAIR – NEC, Birmingham, UK – 3rd-7th February

TOYFAIR – Nuremburg – 2nd-4th February

To arrange a meeting, please contact us or call +44 207 593 0510

New Artist
Melanie Delon

1. Melanie Delon

MGL are pleased to announce the signing of new artist Melanie Delon.

Melanie lives just outside Paris and has been drawing from a very young age. Her work has been published in several magazines and she has worked with a number of well-known publishing houses. Seamlessly mixing classical style and fantasy, Melanie had developed a beautiful portfolio of work which is now available to license.

Please click here to view a collection of Melanie’s work, or contact us to view her full portfolio.

New Images
Greg Cuddiford

3. Greg Cuddiford 1

Greg Cuddiford has recently added to his collection with a number of new images. For the past 15 years Greg has specialised in animal photography with his images being published worldwide on products; jigsaws, back to school stationery, fashion accessories, calendars, greetings cards, magazines and books.

Please click here to review Greg’s full image collection.

New Images
Simon Kayne

1. Simon Kayne

The son of a photographer, Simon had a camera in his hand from an early age and was processing his father’s 10 x 8″ transparencies by the time he was 14. After building a career in photography he now works from his studio in Kent and specialises in floral portraits and landscape photography.

His work is perfect for for calendars, greeting cards, posters and more.

Please click here to review a collection of Simon’s work, or contact us to view his full portfolio.

New Products

Valentina 1

Our licensing partner in Middle East has just submitted a new collection of back to school products featuring Valentina Ramos’s art work. 2012 was a great year for Valentina’s licensing career and we hope to see more for 2013. We are now looking for more textile, gift and homeware partners in selected territories to increase her range.

Please click here to review Valentina’s full image collection.

Art Licensing Newsletter – September 2012

This month’s newsletter features information on our upcoming trade show attendance, new artist Albert Lorenz, and new images from “Imagine That!” by Nick, Haruyo Morita and SHU.

Trade Shows

Brand Licensing Europe – London Olympia – Booth E130

16th – 18th October 2012

MGL Licensing are excited to be once again exhibiting at Brand Licensing. We look forward to seeing to seeing you there!

To arrange a meeting at our booth, please email us or call +44 207 593 0510

New Images

“Imagine That!” by Nick

Humour cartoonist, Nick Hannaford-Hill has just submitted new images to his

‘Imagine That!’ collection.

Nick’s images have already been licensed on a successful range of greeting cards, with UK card manufacturers Paper Rose. We are looking for partners to produce calendars, gifts, homeware and more.

Please click here to review the ‘Imagine That!’ image collection.

New Images
Haruyo Morita

Japanese artist, Haruyo Morita, has just submitted new Geisha images. Her work can already be found on a series of cards, jigsaws, stationery, needlework kits, calendars, and more.

Please click here to review Haruyo Morita’s full image collection.

New Artist
Albert Lorenz

The work of Albert Lorenz is recognized for its unique style and extraordinary detail. Born in 1941 and raised in New York City, Lorenz studied Architecture before moving on to a prolific illustration career.

Over the years, Albert Lorenz has produced a wide spectrum of art including illustrations for advertising, newspapers, magazines, editorials, children’s books and book covers. Lorenz gradually evolved his singular style by combining his knowledge of architecture with his imagination as an artist.

Albert’s collection of artwork features a mixture of educational subjects, history and myth. It is perfect for posters, jigsaws, calendars and more.

Please click here to review Albert Lorenz’s full image collection.

New Images

Japanese artist, SHU, has just submitted some new Alice in Wonderland images. His images are perfect for posters, stationery, cards and jigsaws.

Please click here to review SHU’s full image collection.

japanese art
japanese posters
japanese prints
geisha art

geisha posters

Art Licensing Newsletter – August 2012

This month’s newsletter features information on our popular circus-themed animal range by Lisa Jane, new American artist Kim Norlien and new images from Ailian Price and Dominic Davison.

Paws for Thought
By Lisa Jane

Lisa Jane’s ‘Paws for Thought’ collection continues to be popular with all animal lovers. The pet collection, centred around a Circus theme, features a group of Bulldogs and other puppies in vintage sets.

The images have already been picked for a range of products including cards, canvas prints, jigsaws and more.

Please contact us to find out more and check availability for your product and territory.

Please click here to review the full Paws for Thought collection.

New Artist
Kim Norlien

MGL is pleased to welcome American artist Kim Norlien to our group! Kim’s collection of work features over forty beautiful and detailed paintings. Kim finds his inspiration within nature, wildlife and tranquillity. His paintings radiate serenity and are executed with breathtaking realism.

Kim’s artwork can already be found on a range of licensed products including jigsaws, cards and posters. We are actively looking for partners to add to his existing product ranges.

Please contact us to check availability for your product and territory.

Please click here to review Kim Norlien’s full image collection.

New Images
Ailian Price

Our floral artist, Ailian Price, has just submitted 6 beautiful new images. Ailian specialises in creating soft and delicate watercolour images featuring water lilies and lotus flowers.

Please click here to review Ailian Price’s full image collection.

New Images
Dominic Davison

Dominic Davison has recently submitted new images to his collection of garden, cottage and Mediterranean scenes. We are looking for more partners to cover key product areas such as stationary, calendars, cards and more.

Please click here to review Dominic Davison’s full image collection.

Art Licensing Newsletter – July 2012

This month’s newsletter features information on our popular animal range by Greg Cuddiford, new vintage artist Michael Young and new images from Bente Schlick and Adrian Chesterman.

Greg Cuddiford

The demand for Animal images for products has never been greater. Our own pet photographer, Greg Cuddiford continues to be a hit with licensees and retailers worldwide. With over 1,000 images featuring cute and cuddly puppies, kittens, bunnies and horses, Greg offers animal images for all your needs.

These versatile images can fit any category from calendars, cards, and stationery to gift items and apparel.Contact us to find out more and check availability for your product and territory.

Please click here to review Greg Cuddiford’s full image collection.

New Artist
Michael Young

MGL is pleased to welcome new artist Michael Young. Originally from Kansas, Michael started his training in New York at the Art Students’ League. The response to his work has been tremendous and has resulted in many private as well as corporate collections and international recognition. His studio and gallery are now located in Kansas City where he lives with his wife and two sons.

Michael Young seduces the viewer into his world of elegance and romance. His stylish vignettes of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s are at once decorative, whimsical and compellingly nostalgic. Michael’s work is suitable for a range of products including posters, jigsaws, cards, gifts and more.

Please click here to review Michael Young’s full image collection.

New Images
Bente Schlick

Our German artist, Bente Schlick, continues to be a hit with jigsaw puzzle, card, calendar and apparel companies. Bente has recently submitted a series of new images to add to her collection of fantasy images. Her distinguishable style and skills continue to be reflected in these inspirational images.

Please click here to review Bente Schlick’s full image collection.

New Images
Adrian Chesterman

Adrian Chesterman has recently submitted new images to his extensive collection of art. Adrian has a very diverse portfolio of work ranging from marine scenes and fantasy to cars.

Please click here to review Adrian Chesterman’s full image collection.