Art Licensing Newsletter – April 2012

This month’s newsletter features information on our upcoming trade show attendance, our new humour range ‘Imagine That!’, new artist Mimi Jobe and new images from Haruyo Morita and Mark Gregory.

Trade Shows

MGL will be attending the following trade shows:

20th – 22nd May 2012
Walking the Show

29th – 30th May 2012
Booth 609

12th – 14th June 2012
Booth 5329

We would love to meet you there! Please call +44 20 7593 0510 or email us to arrange a meeting.


New Humour Collection

MGL is pleased to introduce our brand new humour line, ‘IMAGINE THAT!’ by Nick Hannaford-Hill.

Nick is a happily married cartoonist living near Bristol, UK. Here are a few of Nick’s likes, dislikes and inspirations:

Inspirations: Bill Watterson, Gary Larson and Peter Withe for scoring the winning goal in the 1982 European cup final!
Hobbies – Making pies
Interests – Eating pies
Dislikes – Dog poop and Morris Dancers
Likes – Pies
Fears – Clowns, Sharks and his ultimate fear that one day they will combine to create the dreaded ‘Clown Shark’!
Personnel Info – Enjoys dancing like Mick Jagger after a few drinks.

We are actively looking for licensing partners in all key product areas including cards, publishing, calendars, apparel and gift items.

Please click here to review Nick’s full image collection.

Please contact us to find out more about the range and check availability for your product and territory.


New Artist
Mimi Jobe

Mimi Jobe was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As a child she was encouraged to paint and supplied with all the necessary materials. At the age of nineteen she began working in the demanding world of women’s and children’s fashion illustration where she forged a highly successful career for ten years. She has been working on her personal collection of paintings ever since.

Mimi paints large floral and fantasy designs featuring fairies and unicorns against misty backdrops. Her beautiful watercolour images are perfect for a range of products aimed at children and adults alike.

Please click here to review Mimi’s full image collection.


New Images
Haruyo Morita

Japanese artist, Haruyo Morita, has just submitted new Geisha and floral images. Morita is renowned for having worked as a kimono painter and designer until 1972 before turning to painting. Now an acclaimed painter, her work has been exhibited and sold worldwide.

Her work can already be found on a series of cards, jigsaws, stationery, needlework kits, calendars, and more. Please contact us to check availability for your product and territory.

Please click here to review Morita’s full image collection.


New Images
Mark Gregory

Specially commissioned by MGL, Mark Gregory’s images feature original and colourful images for children. Inspired by nature, wildlife and the jurassic age, Mark’s pictures feature dinosaurs and animals from around the world.

These pictures are perfect for the kids market and are sure to never go out of fashion.

Please click here to review the Mark’s image collection.

Hallmark UK Signs Histericals and Spectickles


We are pleased to announce Hallmark UK has just signed two of our humour lines for two exclusive card ranges.

The ‘Histericals’ by Peter Adderley and ‘Spectickles’ by Bill Abbott are due to be released in the coming months and will be distributed throughout all the key retailers in the UK.

Daniel Grant, Senior Licensing Manager at Hallmark UK says ‘We are very pleased to introduce the Histericals and Spectickles into our Hallmark license portfolio. This exciting acquisition will help to increase our offering in the humour related greeting card sector, which continues to prove a successful area of our overall card business.’


The Histericals by Peter Adderley

Peter, known for over 20 years for creating wonderful limited edition prints has always been keen to develop a humour range using a very different style and subject matter to that found in his gallery.

The ‘Histericals’ is an original and hearty collection of images featuring everything from relationships, marriage, sports, beer to office jokes. Peter mentioned he was “thrilled to be working with such a leading publisher as Hallmark UK and looks forward to seeing how this range develops.”

We are looking for partners to cover more product areas including publishing, gifts, homeware and apparel.

Please click here to download the Histericals collection.


Spectickles by Bill Abbott

Bill Abbott, the latest humour artist to join the MGL team, has been creating cartoons for as long as he could hold a pen. Bill’s work has appeared in numerous magazines and books throughout the US, with his fan base growing day by day.

Bill’s ‘Spectickles’ range covers all aspects of daily life from marriage and work to the inescapable aging process. With over 80 cartoons available so far, Bill’s collection is guaranteed to keep you chuckling!

“Hallmark is such an iconic name throughout the world,” says Bill, “having my ‘Spectickles’ characters associated with that name is a thrill and an honour.”

We are looking for opportunities to work with additional partners in the publishing, apparel, gifts and homeware markets.

Please click here to download the full Spectickles collection.