Manfred Saunat – Available for Licensing

Talented floral artist Manfred Saunat has been working as a freelance artist since 1979. Over the years he has accumulated a beautiful collection of canvases featuring the aesthetic of flowers.

These beautiful traditional images offer timeless subjects, perfect for products aimed at the female market.

We are looking for partners to produce cards, stationery, calendars, crafts, homeware and gift products. Please contact us to check availability for your product and territory.

Click here to view Manfred’s full collection.

Please contact us to check availability for your product and territory.

New Artist – Jean-Marc Janiaczyk

Born in Douai, France, self-taught painter Jean-Marc Janiaczyk brings his canvases to life with vibrant palette knife strokes and vivid colours. Inspired by the beauty of Southern French hillsides, Janiaczyk’s paintings feature lavender and poppy fields, olive trees, cottages and lakes.

These beautiful impressionist paintings of Provence are perfect for greetings cards, calendars, craft products, homeware and more.

Click here to view Jean-Marc Janiaczyk’s image collection.

Please contact us to check availability for your product and territory.

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Art Licensing Newsletter – March 2012

This month’s newsletter features our new surrealist artist Jacek Yerka and new images from Lisa Jane, Peter Adderley and MGL Studio.

New Artist
Jacek Yerka

We are pleased to present the work of our brand new artist, Jacek Yerka.

Born into an artistic family Polish painter, Jacek Yerka, combines technical accuracy with surrealist subjects ranging from odd-beasts to whimsical landscapes and architecture.

His intriguing work has been exhibited in many countries around the world, and also captured the attention of Hollywood producer Rene Daalder who commissioned Jacek to design the monster-machines and surreal landscapes for the sci-fi film ‘Strawberry Fields’.

We are looking for partners to feature Jacek’s beautiful and intriguing images on a range of products including jigsaws, posters, calendars, cards, crafts and more.

Contact us to check availability for your products and territories.

Please click here to review Jacek’s full image collection.


New Images
Paws for Thought by Lisa Jane

Lisa Jane has just submitted new images to her increasingly popular animal collection, Paws for Thought. The collection features a range of adorable puppies in vintage styled locations.

Please click here to review Lisa’s full ‘Paws for Thought’ image collection.


New Images
Peter Adderley

Peter Adderley works in a studio attached to his home in North Devon, England. He finds living close to the sea a great source of inspiration for his quirky characters and coastal scenes.

Peter’s new images feature rainbow coloured coastal themes and cars.

Please click here to review Peter’s full image collection.

New Images
MGL Studio

Specially commissioned by MGL, our fantasy collection features beautifully detailed images that are full of imagination – perfect for puzzles, posters & more!

The collection includes images of wolves, wildlife and unicorns as well as the illustrations from the ‘Dragon Chronicles’ sequel, ‘Labyrinth of Fire’.

Please click here to review the MGL Studio image collection.

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Art Licensing Newsletter – January 2012

MGL would like to wish you all a Happy New Year!  This month’s newsletter features information on our upcoming trade show attendance, new artists Steve Skelton and Judy Mastrangelo, as well as new images from Bente Schlick and Dominic Davison.


We are starting the new year with a long list of trade shows.  MGL will be attending the following trade shows:

  • PAPERWORLD, Frankfurt: 30th – 31st January
  • TOY FAIR, Nuremberg: 3rd – 5th February
  • SPRING FAIR INTERNATIONAL, Birmingham: 6th – 8th February

Please call +44 20 7593 0510 or email us to arrange a meeting.


New Artist
Steve Skelton

We are pleased to welcome new artist Steve Skelton to our group! Steve is an American illustrator and cartoonist specializing in designing quirky, fun and humorous images. Every image contains a range of details, caricatures and little stories. Steve’s images are perfect for children and adults alike. Each image will keep you entertained and searching for more.

Steve has worked for a number of big companies in the past including Hasbro, Fisher-price, Levi Strauss, McDonald’s and Hallmark.  His work is ideal for jigsaws, murals, posters, cards and more.

Please click here to download Steve Skelton’s full style guide.


New Artist
Judy Mastrangelo

American artist and former teacher, Judy Mastrangelo, holds fairytales, myths and fantasy close to her heart. A great lover of nature, Judy’s imagination is inspired by life’s simple pleasures such as walking through idyllic woodland & peaceful gardens. Judy seeks to impart the wonder of nature in her work and has illustrated several children’s books.

With many more images to come, Judy’s collection of  images are perfect for many product areas from jigsaws to greeting cards.

Please click here to download Judy Mastrangelo’s full style guide.


New Images
Bente Schlick

Our German artist, Bente Schlick continues to be a hit with jigsaw puzzle, card, calendar and apparel companies. Bente has recently submitted a series of new images to add to her collection of fantasy images. Her distinguishable style and skills continue to be reflected in these inspirational images.

Please click here to view Bente Schlick’s full style guide.


New Images
Dominic Davison

Dominic Davison’s beautiful and detailed images continue to be a hit with the jigsaw and gift market. Dominic has just submitted some new images featuring beautiful Italian landscapes and cities to add to his growing collection of cottages and Victorian houses.

The images are perfect for calendars, cards, stationery and more.

Please click here to download Dominic Davison’s full Style Guide.

Back2Front – New Images

Reilly has just submitted 5 new art pieces to his increasingly popular boys range, Back2Front. New Licenses signed now include some amazing beanbags available through Europe from our partners WOW Beanbags!

Back2Front was recently created to sit alongside the increasingly popular girls range: KASHI KISU by Reilly. Combining graffiti, pop art and an obsession with colour, Reilly painstakingly draws every element then layers over tags, found objects as well as his own cartoon characters giving Back2Front it’s own fresh and unique look.

With new logos, branding, fonts, swing tags and labels available, Back2Front by Reilly is guaranteed to become a prominent international brand.