New work by Valentina

New images by Valentina

Valentina has released new work for her Épale! collection which has been picked up by Euromoda in Spain for their successful bedding range. Her new designs are packed with inspirational messages and colourful designs and are perfect for a wide range of products including stationery, wall décor, gifts and homewares. To see Valentina’s portfolio please click here.

Art Licensing Newsletter – November 2012

This month’s newsletter features information on Reilly’s new brand ‘Tan-Tan’, new artist Sarah Beise, new images from Bill Abbott’s humour range, ‘Spectickles’ and Gavin Reece’s new stationery range.

New Property
‘Tan-Tan’ by Reilly


Young British graphic artist, Reilly, continues to be a hit with licensees and retailers worldwide! Having previously worked with prominent fashion brands such as Jimmy Choo, Ray Ban and LVMH, MGL is pleased to represent Reilly’s newest licensing brand: Tan-Tan. His edgy motifs and graffiti designs are perfect for teens!

We are now looking for partners to produce stationery, homeware, clothing and more.


New Images
‘Spectickles’ by Bill Abbott

Bill Abbott

Humour cartoonist, Bill Abbott has just submitted new images to his ‘Spectickles’ collection.

Bill’s images have already been licensed with UK card manufacturers Hallmark UK. We are looking for partners to produce gifts, homeware and more.

Please click here to review the ‘Spectickles’ image collection.


New Artist
Sarah Beise


Sarah Beise has been illustrating professionally for the last 20 years. Her whimsical characters have appeared on many products including books, game boards, greeting cards, fabric and tableware.

Sarah’s extensive collection of artwork features a mixture of seasonal subjects and sending situations. It is perfect for greeting cards, gift wrapping, posters and more.

Please click here to review Sarah Beise’s full image collection.

New Products
Gavin Reece

Gavin Reece

We have recently received a selection of great product concepts from Buro Link featuring Gavin Reece’s acclaimed fashion illustrations. 2012 was a busy year for Gavin’s licensing career and we hope to see more for 2013.

We are now looking for more stationery, calendar and gift companies in selected territories to increase his range.

Please click here to review Gavin Reece’s full image collection.

Join the Zombie Revolution

Happy Halloween from the Extreme Zombies!

Extreme Zombies offers an alternative to the typical ghoulish and scary zombies we’re used to, bringing them into the 21 st century as funny, trendy monsters of the night who are into all kinds of extreme sports!

With its edgy graphics and zany sense of humour the original Extreme Zombies concept is ideal for the challenging 8+ boys market.

With t-shirts going into C&A shortly, new electronic skins as well as an unbelievable response from the Brand Licensing Europe trade show, the Zombie craze is set to keep growing during 2012.

We are looking for more partners in all product areas.


fantasy posters

Marsh Mellow – Finalist for License This!

MGL Licensing is very pleased to announce that Marsh Mellow has been shortlisted as a finalist for this year’s License This! competition!

Only 5 properties made it to the License This! finals and we are delighted Marsh Mellow has already made it this far!

This year’s License This! winner will be announced at Brand Licensing Europe on Thursday, 20th October. Each finalist will have the opportunity to present their collection to a panel of judges and a live audience before the winner will be revealed! This year’s judging panel is chaired by Andrew Kerr from Aoh!K Ltd with Oliver Dyer from Skew Studio, Eric Huang from Penguin and Patricia de Wilde from Marathon Media.

MGL has been working very closely with the artist and creator of Marsh Mellow, Sean Sims, to create this marvellous, bright world where lions love lollypops and rhinos eat cupcakes! There are soda-pop streams, lemonade springs and candy floss clouds. Friendship and family always comes first and fun is plentiful! Marsh Mellow is the perfect collection for manufacturers who want to feature lovable characters and funky graphics.

The License This! competition provides great exposure for the winner and finalists. It highlights the potential and success these collections could achieve in the global licensing industry.

Come and meet us at Brand Licensing Europe (booth E125) to find out more about Marsh Mellow and discuss licensing possibilities!

Back2Front – New Images

Reilly has just submitted 5 new art pieces to his increasingly popular boys range, Back2Front. New Licenses signed now include some amazing beanbags available through Europe from our partners WOW Beanbags!

Back2Front was recently created to sit alongside the increasingly popular girls range: KASHI KISU by Reilly. Combining graffiti, pop art and an obsession with colour, Reilly painstakingly draws every element then layers over tags, found objects as well as his own cartoon characters giving Back2Front it’s own fresh and unique look.

With new logos, branding, fonts, swing tags and labels available, Back2Front by Reilly is guaranteed to become a prominent international brand.