Katarina Sokolova – Corel Painter Master 2016

Corel has recognised the talent of MGL Artist Katarina Sokolova and awarded her the title of Artist of the Month and Master Painter 2016. This award celebrates the skill of “talented illustrators, fine artists and photo artists who have excelled in their craft and risen to the top”. Since joining MGL, Katarina has built a loyal following of licensees who continue to license their work year after year, with great success in categories such as stationery and gifts. Please click here to see Katarina’s portfolio.

New work by Valentina

New images by Valentina

Valentina has released new work for her Épale! collection which has been picked up by Euromoda in Spain for their successful bedding range. Her new designs are packed with inspirational messages and colourful designs and are perfect for a wide range of products including stationery, wall décor, gifts and homewares. To see Valentina’s portfolio please click here.

Lily and Val Extends Licensing programme to Spain and Portugal

Lily & Val has been one of MGL’s biggest stars of 2015. Following a successful launch in the UK with a giftware and stationery range by Portico, Lily & Val is expanding their licensing programme in Spain and Portugal thanks to a new partnership with Grupo Erik. The new product range will feature stationery, wall art, greeting cards, mugs and key rings, all showcasing Val’s distinctive style of hand made chalkboard art. Further more, L&V are currently developing an exciting range of wedding themed paper products with a major UK manufacturer, to be launched during 2016. Please click here if you’d like to see Lily & Val’s portfolio.