Happy Chinese New Year! 2012: Year of the Dragon

Dragon Images

To celebrate the Chinese New Year 2012 – the year of the Dragon, MGL would like to remind you that we offer a large range of dragon imagery for all your needs. The MGL dragon collection features artwork from a number of acclaimed artists such as Adrian Chesterman, Garry Walton, Jody Bergsma and more.

The images are perfect for calendars, apparel, jigsaws, figurines, collectables and more.

Please click here to review the collection on our website and contact us to check availability for your product and territory.


Dragon Chronicles
Labyrinth of Fire

In addition to our generic Dragon range, MGL is pleased to announce the long-awaited sequel to the internationally acclaimed book, ‘The Dragon Chronicles’ has now been published. The ‘Labyrinth of Fire’ is now available in multiple territories and is guaranteed to be a hit with all dragon and fantasy enthusiasts. The images promise to be a hit in all product areas for 2012.

To check availability for your product and territory please contact us.

Please click here to download the full Dragon Chronicles collection.

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