Art Licensing Newsletter – November

Welcome to our monthly newsletter. This month features information on our new artists – Bill Abbott, Corinne Hartley & Alixandra Mullins.

New Property
Bill Abbott

Welcome to the odd and ironic world of Bill Abbott. Bill’s humour covers all aspects of daily life from marriage and work to the inescapable aging process.  With over 80 cartoons available so far, Bill’s collection is guaranteed to keep you chuckling!

Bill lives in beautiful western New York with his wife and two sons. He has served over eighteen years in the U.S. military, including service in Iraq and other places. His art has appeared in Reader’s Digest, American Greetings calendars, on greeting cards, books, magazines and a long, long list of other products and publications worldwide.

Bill’s cartoons are available for a range of products. Please contact us for more information, or click here to browse through Bill’s collection.


New Artist
Corinne Hartley

Award winning artist, Corinne Hartley is a former fashion illustrator having studied at Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles followed by the Pasadena School of Fine Arts.

Corinne is now committed to capturing the beautiful innocence and boundless energy of children in her paintings. Her art offers a fun and nostalgic exploration of the daily life of children. Whether it be a sunny sports day, a ballet class, or even just a rainy autumn day, Corinne’s art reminds us to cherish the daily details of life!

Click here to view Corinne’s full collection.


New Artist
Alixandra Mullins

Alixandra Mullins is the latest artist to join our group. Alix combines original paintings, drawings and original photography using a form of graphic design collage. Alix enjoys creating art that captures the vibrancy of life, spirituality and joy that exists in the world.

Her images mainly feature nature and animals in tropical and magical locations. Her collection features a number of colourful butterfly collages as well as wild animals such as tigers, lions, parrots and more.

Click here to view all of Alixandra’s collection.

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